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Monday, January 10, 2005

"United States' Evil Plans.."

Every once in a while you stumble across a, truly, entertaining OpEd that is so flagrantly partisan that you can conjure up a vision of its author drooling and foaming with each stroke of the keys. Such is the case with Hassan Hanizadeh who writes a piece on Iraqi Defense Minister Hazem al-Shaalan. You can catch it in the Tehran Times here.
The Iraqi Defense Minister has been a bulldog of late in exposing the connection between the Insurgency (otherwise known as murderous, terrorist, bastard cretins) and Iranian Intelligence. The latest revelation was a video of captured Moayad Ahmed Yasseen, the leader of Jaish Muhammad, Arabic for Muhammad's Army, that was played on Iraqi television last week. He admitted meeting with Iranian intelligence officials back in May or June. He, also, admitted that Iranian officials provided money and weapons as a result of the visit.

The pressure applied to Iran by the Defense Minister, and acting Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, has Iran resorting to damage control. Just look at the title of the piece. My favorite passage is this one:

"…Shaalan was imposed on the Iraqi nation as the defense minister to put the United States' evil plans into practice….." (insert evil laugh here)

Shaalan, Shadow of Saddam
Tehran Times
By Hassan Hanizadeh
January 10, 2005

Iraqi Defense Minister Hazem al-Shaalan has once again accused Iran of interfering in his country’s internal affairs and making efforts to increase insecurity in Iraq.

Al-Shaalan’s allegations against the Islamic Republic are so baseless that the Iraqi people call him the new Said al-Sahaf (Comical Ali), “the big liar” who served as information minister in the toppled Baathist regime.

No doubt, the defense minister, who is still influenced by the defunct Baath Party, is doing his best to introduce himself to the Arab media as a nationalist. But in fact, he is toadying to the United States to extend his portfolio.

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