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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Known by the company you keep...

Rice Says U.S. Involvement Not Needed in EU-Iran Drive
Thu. 3 Feb 2005

LONDON - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Thursday there was no need for U.S. involvement in European attempts to persuade Iran to abandon its nuclear program.
Her comments were likely to disappoint Europeans who would like the United States to throw greater weight behind its efforts to persuade Iran to give up nuclear activities in return for political and economic incentives.

"The Iranians know what they need to do. It's not the absence of anybody's involvement that is keeping the Iranians from knowing what they need to do," Rice told reporters en route to London for her first foreign trip as secretary of state.

"They need to live up to their obligations, they need to agree to verification inspection, they need to stop trying to hide activities under cover of civilian nuclear power."

Beautiful (and I mean that with all sincerity).

The European Union is a lame duck in these “alleged negotiations.” Their inability to master the art of carrying Teddy Roosevelt’s “big stick” has rendered the EU impotent in any substantive efforts. The thought that discourse with Iran would lead to rational decision making for the “greater good” is naïve. More specifically, the EU has convinced itself that they are the voice of cerebral righteousness. They can’t understand when others don’t just abandon their own positions in favor of theirs. As a result, they never have a contingency in the event that words and letters just don’t get it done.

Any consideration by the United States to add their name to a list of Europe’s cabal would, immediately, render the US flaccid. Rather, it would appear as if President Bush is more content to give the appearance of “loose cannon” so that Iran is forced to fight back with the only ability they possess; strongly worded, over the top, boasts in their own State controlled media.

Just this week, the foreign branches of Halliburton and General Electric announced that they will take on no new contracts in Iran. These are two of the larger employers in that country. This will, further, destroy an, already, dismal domestic economy that hinges on 14+ inflation rates, 30% increases in basic commodities, and an almost, non-existent medical service industry. As the conditions worsen (and they will), those in desperate need will be emboldened. They will organize.

Additionally, the US has increased the rhetoric in support of the Iranian people taking matters into their own hands. Perhaps “rhetoric” is not the proper term. So far, the current administration has thrown few empty promises that weren’t backed up with actions. And, that is one of the primary differences between the US and the EU.

We carry a gargantuan stick. It’s parked just south of Iran’s border. However, there are 70 Million smaller sticks in country that are likely to carry a much more potent wallop.

The Incessant Rant Home Page
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