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Friday, February 04, 2005

"One step closer...and the rabbit gets it"

Hunger strikes are amusing.

Maybe that's a callous statement to some folks. To me, they're entertaining. I am reminded of an old Bugs Bunny cartoon where the pugnacious hare is about to be overcome by his adversary. At the last second, Bugs pulls out a gun, holds it to his own head, and exclaims in desperation:

"One step closer and the rabbit gets it."
Five (5) Connecticut Death Row inmates are, currently, on a hunger strike in an attempt to bring attention to the belief that "isolation of living on death row is endangering their mental health."

Forgive me if I'm not overly enthusiastic about picking up their cause. In fact, someone who has committed such an egregious murder or capital offense that would lead to "Death Row" isn't 100% in possession of their marbles in the first place. Apparently, this "death row syndrome" is a theory that "solitary isolation can cause mental health problems and suicidal tendencies."

It breaks my heart to know that cold-blooded murderers are "suffering." Well, not really. In fact, I think the absolute best thing that could happen is that a murderer come full circle, recognize his/her failings, show true remorse for his/her actions, and convince everyone without doubt that they are truly rehabilitated. Then, I'd like to see them meet "Old Sparky" anyway. The more aware they are of the absolute value of life when theirs is snuffed out the better. The more regret they feel as the needle sinks in, the better. The moment they realize second chances are for carnival games, and high school dating, the better. Call me a sadist. Call me a heathen. Not a problem, I wear the badge with pride and prejudice.

Last week, Death Row inmate Michael Ross played the Appellate Court like a virtuoso when his number appeared to be coming up. He's had his date with the devil postponed more than a "Gun N Roses" concert of late. One of the allegations used to promote the Stay on the execution of Ross was, indeed, "death row syndrome." The premise was that "continued solitary confinement and living conditions contributed to Ross's decision to accept his death penalty."

However, follow me on the logic bus just for a sec. Five (5) of the seven (7) inmates on death row in Connecticut are concerned about their mental health as a result of solitary confinement. In order to address this health concern head on, they decide to stop accepting meals. Therefore, in order to protest a institutional decline in perceived mental health they are willing to apply a self-inflicted decline of their own physical health. Incidentally, two (2) of the inmates have declined to participate because they are diabetic. They did not want to "risk their lives" but support the effort.

Ironic, moronic, and sardonic redundancy if you ask me. Then again, I'm all for providing drinking water to cold-blooded murderers only if it rains the night before.

The Incessant Rant Home Page
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