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Monday, February 07, 2005

This Kid can Fly...

Yup, there was that Super Bowl thing.

However, Sunday had some real sports history from the “Holy crap” department taking place across the Ocean. The gentleman sporting the red, white & blue while simultaneously ripping every other country on the planet hails from the “windy city.”

Chicago native, Shani Davis, brought home the gold at the World All-around Speed Skating Championships in Moscow, Russia. Fellow American and last year’s World Champion, Chad Hedrick, pulled a close second, less than two tenths of a point off the pace. Incidentally, the US swept the top four spots in the 1,500 meter event. No country has accomplished that since the Soviet Union pulled it off in 1956.

Shani Davis is a name that might not be common place today. However, he’s got “Wheaties Box” written all over him.

Cathy Breitenbucher did a special for the Chicago Tribune back in January on Davis. As she put it:

No American man has participated in more than four Olympic speedskating events since Eric Heiden's historic five-gold Games in 1980.

No one has tried to skate both long-track and short-track events since short-track joined the Olympic schedule in 1988.

No African American has competed in an Olympic long-track event.

Davis has all the potential to bring home the gold in great capacity at the 2006 Turin Olympic Games. Sunday, he showed just what an amazing talent he is. When asked to explain why he subjects himself to such a punishing sport with an added bit of pain of competing in both long and short-track his answer is simple and to the point.

"I'm doing this because I've been doing it since I was 6 years old, and I'm good at it.”

Damn right he’s good at it. Today, his accomplishments and victory for the USA were in the shadow of the Super Bowl. Something tells me that isn’t going to be the norm in the future. This kid can fly.

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