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Friday, March 25, 2005


For those of you who continue to check this page for updates, I appreciate your persistence. Your endeavors have been fruitless I’m afraid.

Unfortunately, the last few weeks have been a blur. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time “across the pond.” This has negated all “free time.” Sacrifices had to be made. While I miss blogging to an extent, I can’t say I’m not enjoying the challenges and the experience. Things should get back to normal in the not too distant future. Of course, that’s dependant upon the unforeseen.
The Incessant Rant


Friday, March 04, 2005

France & Yemen Sign Military Pact...

Trying to repress my cynical nature is always arduous when the French are involved. However, France signing a military pact with Yemen just may be a positive act.

Yemen is not too far displaced from the mid-1800's of the United States. The "Wild West" demeanor and widespread poverty has led to tribal conflicts, and commonplace smuggling of illegal wares. Additionally, and most importantly, the inability of law enforcement to properly address the growing crime brought on by adverse living conditions has led to a hotbed of radical Islamic fundamentalism (terrorist harboring).

With the current resources available to the Yemen Govt. there were not going to be too many changes to that scenario regardless of the intentions of the country's leaders.

Enter the French.

Under the new agreement signed by France and Yemen:

1. Radar will be set up and improved to assist in the deterrent of smuggling ships and planes

2. Joint naval exercises between France and Yemen will work to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Joint Special Forces training on Yemeni Mountain Forces will better prepare troops to address rural threats, smuggling, as well as terrorist camps.

4. Arming of six gunboats sold by France to Yemen previously to assist in combating arms trade and drug trade.

While all of the above could be the advantageous to the "War on Terrorists," I can't help hearing a little voice in the back of my pointy head saying "Come on, it's the French." Perhaps there is an ulterior motive, because there usually is. There are a number of schemes that come to mind.

Perhaps French involvement in one of the most backward communities of South East Asia is to deter the US from taking aggressive actions to remedy the situation. Although, Yemen really hasn't been on the Bush Administration's radar of late. Perhaps, there are economic considerations related to petroleum products, which wouldn't be too far outside of the realm of possibility.

Or, there is always the chance that France is considering large investments into the Yemeni Islands in an effort to develop a vacation Mecca of sorts. That might sound a bit far fetched. However, Yemen, is clearly advertising for investors into their string of Red Sea Islands.
They are attempting to create a resort community throughout their island tracts in the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea. The first step in luring investors is the perception of safety and stability.

Perhaps France is making a solid effort to assist Yemen in combating crime and terrorism. Or, perhaps they are just anticipating an economic opportunity with a perceived "new colony" flavor. After all, when it comes to the mentality of Old Europe, perception is "9/10's of the flaw."


Thursday, March 03, 2005

U hebt reeds verloren.

U hebt reeds verloren.

It’s a pretty simple Dutch sentiment meaning “You have already lost.” Unfortunately, these four little words sum up how the Dutch have met the challenge of radical Islamic Fundamentalism. They are statues of humanity creating the letter “N” with their submissive bodies. That is the formation created when one places one’s head firmly in the sand and one’s hands high in the air.
Some would argue that I am ignoring the current arrests of various radical Muslims who were apprehended after issuing death threats. They would tell me that the attempts to void Dutch Nationality of some of these offenders were a strong deterrent to the avocation of murderous behavior. They might even bring up the plans to expel three Muslim propagators of radical Muslim fundamentalism as proof positive that the Netherlands was serious about combating terrorism.

Tell that to Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. As members of Dutch Parliament, they have been the recipients of death threats so numerous and legitimate that Wilders has resorted to sleeping in a local prison cell at night for his protection. He no longer answers his own telephone. The ability to perform the duties of democracy within his beloved Netherlands is compromised by the perceived threats to his life by radical Islamic fundamentalists. In short, the terrorists dictate his life while he consistently and continuously lives in fear. The terrorists have won.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s existence is not too much different. Her residence of choice these days is a naval base. However, her bodyguards sometimes deliver her to varying hotels. Again, the law abiding politician is on the run. She is terrified of the consequences of living a normal life because of the threats to her life by radical Islamic fundamentalists. It was her name in a letter attached to the corpse of Theo Van Gogh warning that her days were numbered. The terrorists have won in her case as well as she lives like a nomad in ongoing fear.

Now, consider the difference in mentality of our own country. With the exception of the "little girl", Mark Dayton (Dem-Minn) who ran home to Minnesota over some bogus terrorism threat in Washington D.C., it is pretty much business as usual. Sure, the safeguards have been raised, and vigilance is more of a religion than good advice. However, the only politician of record that seems to be sleeping in prison these days is James Traficant. And, he is on a well earned extended stay program.

The Netherlands have already lost, because they are not unwilling to confront the enemy within their midst. The mindset is that the “victim” need adjust to the threat. Their approach should be that the criminal/murderer/ conspirer of illegality be made to adjust their lifestyle so as to conform to civility. Failure to do so should be met with extreme and swift justice. Then perhaps the proper folks will be sleeping behind bars on a regular basis.

U oogst wat u zaait (You reap what you sow).


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Iran Starting to Percolate

My 2005 New Year's predictions included a paragraph on Iran. My guess was that Iran would be host to massive internal protest. Their inflation rates have been through the roof. The Govt. has held wages (in some cases) seven months in arrears. Medical providers are nearly defunct on a national level since the Govt. decided to privatize the industry. Some estimates place the number of bankrupt medical providers in Iran at over 75%.
All these facts, and more have suggested that Iran is a powder keg of discontent with the potential to weigh heavily of how the Clerics address pressure to discontinue their pursuit of Nuclear weapons. That discontent is starting to get revved up.

In the last week:

1. Various protests and strikes are breaking out countrywide

2. Sangroud Coal miners are marching on Tehran to demand their wages and the attention to safety shortfalls

3. 650 West Alborz Coal miners are into their fourth week of a strike for safer working conditions

4. 800 workers of the Chahar Mahal Bakhtiyari province Hydroelectric plant demonstrated right in front of the Shahr-Durd government building demanding back wages.

5. 100 teachers protested outside a government building demanding suitable permanent jobs promised by the Iranian Government.

6. 250 workers gathered in Rasht to protest the closing of a factory due to "bad weather" when the real reason was the failure of the Govt. to pay back wages.

Iran Focus provides a few more details on the above. Other Iranian protests in the last few months here & here...

Heh...the State owned DP Iran (routed through Amsterdam) made a visit...via the Ministry of Information in beautiful downtown Tehran...Nice smile and a wave everyone...

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