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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Iran Starting to Percolate

My 2005 New Year's predictions included a paragraph on Iran. My guess was that Iran would be host to massive internal protest. Their inflation rates have been through the roof. The Govt. has held wages (in some cases) seven months in arrears. Medical providers are nearly defunct on a national level since the Govt. decided to privatize the industry. Some estimates place the number of bankrupt medical providers in Iran at over 75%.
All these facts, and more have suggested that Iran is a powder keg of discontent with the potential to weigh heavily of how the Clerics address pressure to discontinue their pursuit of Nuclear weapons. That discontent is starting to get revved up.

In the last week:

1. Various protests and strikes are breaking out countrywide

2. Sangroud Coal miners are marching on Tehran to demand their wages and the attention to safety shortfalls

3. 650 West Alborz Coal miners are into their fourth week of a strike for safer working conditions

4. 800 workers of the Chahar Mahal Bakhtiyari province Hydroelectric plant demonstrated right in front of the Shahr-Durd government building demanding back wages.

5. 100 teachers protested outside a government building demanding suitable permanent jobs promised by the Iranian Government.

6. 250 workers gathered in Rasht to protest the closing of a factory due to "bad weather" when the real reason was the failure of the Govt. to pay back wages.

Iran Focus provides a few more details on the above. Other Iranian protests in the last few months here & here...

Heh...the State owned DP Iran (routed through Amsterdam) made a visit...via the Ministry of Information in beautiful downtown Tehran...Nice smile and a wave everyone...

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